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Re: Christmas Wishes

Cheers Colin but to be honest I cringe every time I read comments thanking me because that was never my intention. I didn't build this thing for self gratification, I just wanted to share my photos and super 8 movies with the people that over a very short time became my lifelong brothers and sisters. I do admit that at its height I thought it might make me some money but that never happened but now I only want it to stay because of all the long hours it took to achieve but I honestly feel unworthy of any accolation as a mere 5th engineer of just 2 years at sea. All I ever wanted was for people to reconnect with each other as when I left the sea in 1976 I left 46 engineers and many other staff without even thinking about asking for their contact details so I wanted to find those people and the main reason was I wanted to see the photos they had of me and share mine of them. I never imagined in my wildest dreams how it would turn out but now it's done and achieved something at least but I have to admit that my short time at sea was so long ago it feels like a dream and I find it hard to believe it actually happened. Just take from it what you will over the next 11 months and then it will probably just disappear into cyberspace forever.

Re: Christmas Wishes

To Steve

Wishing you and all those Seadogs out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Thanks for running a great site and long may it last.

Kind regards,

Roger Monk

Ref Engr Carthage, Surat, Perim, Strathmore, Himalaya, Somali.

Re: Christmas Wishes

A Merry Christmas to all.
You may not wish for thanks Steve but you certainly deserve them, all the reunions that I've been to have been triggered by your site and given me many hours of pleasure and almost as many hours of hangovers but I won't blame you for that bit.
A special Merry Christmas to you Steve.

Re: Christmas Wishes


Re: Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those I sailed with and to all those other old seadogs that I never met.

Re: Christmas Wishes

Hey Steve, The time you spent at sea was enough to give you a whole new outlook at life, with Ships, Ocean, and many beautiful people you met and enjoyed the company of and visa versa, it was real and yes so many people have enjoyed your Seadogs Forum, bringing much happiness and memories into their life and yep the years are getting shorter. May you and your beautiful family be blessed with Love, Laughter, Good Health, Peace throughout 2020. xo