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Re: Someone is alive out there even though old

Hi Barry
A very interesting article about your loading experience in Melbourne while on the City of Canberra. I looked up on the Clyde Built Ships site and saw she was a 10, 306 ton motor ship built in1961 by Barclay Curle. Looking at the photo of her she was a nice looking vessel with most of the holds for ‘ad. Who were the makers of her “W” fridge compressors?

Tales of a Ref Engr 2

On the Strathmore while on the Ozzie coast the Barman of the Verandah Cafe obtained a white parrot. Unfortunately after a few days his cabin colleagues were fed up with the new addition squawking and talking. The 1st Ref Engr and I the 2nd spent quite a lot of our time hidden behind the bar making sure his Ice maker was working well and the Barman managed to persuade my boss to adopt “Persil”.

“Persil” soon settled in to his new abode and late at night the 1st Ref would take him out onto the Tourist Deck and let him walk round the hand rail of the Tourist Swimming Pool which was just outside the Engineers accommodation. Being approached by late night passengers who usually said “who’s a pretty boy” etc and much to their surprise the parrot would reply “what’s the matter with you eh” and a few other phrases he knew.

The 1st Ref’s idea was to take “Persil” home to his daughter. After a few weeks when the phone rang in his cabin the parrot would say “hello 1st Refridge”. On arrival in Tilbury the 1st Ref discovered that he required a permit from the Ministry to bring the bird in, so he decided to leave it and get the necessary paperwork while he was on leave. However, the Dock Staff boys took advantage of the bird’s learning ability and had taught “Persil” a few expletives before the 1st Ref returned. “Persil” was therefore denied UK residence and committed to a life at sea.

Later when I joined the Himalaya the above mentioned barman was the 1st Class Dance Deck Barman and so the Ref boys had a new haven.

On the Strathmore we had a 3rd Engr who was a keen cyclist and it wasn’t unusual for him to be cycling round the Tourist Deck and Swimming Pool when he came off the 8 -12 at night. Whenever we got to port he was off for a ride around when not on duty. Still on the same ship we had a 4th Engr who was learning to play the clarinet and if you walked into the boiler room on the 12 - 4 night watch it wasn’t uncommon to hear him practising. The poor Tindal and Paniwallahs went through hell.

Another 4th Engr on the Strathmore always made the comment of “All you do is walk around in a clean boiler suit with a gas cylinder on your shoulder”. Whenever you tried to explain about being clean when working on deck, his comment was “pi— off and go and put some more oxygen in the fridges”. He may have been an expert on Babcock and Wilcox Boilers but he didn’t know much about refrigerants. I was just waiting for the time when he had to sit his 2nds ticket and came and asked how refrigeration was achieved but he was one of those good long term engineers who never bothered about tickets so I never had the pleasure.

Roger Monk

Carthage, Surat, Perim, Strathmore, Himalaya, Somali.