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Memories of Vickers and Argentine Liners

This is an article by Allan E Edwards in the January 2020 edition of Ships Monthly on the building of ships the Presidente Peron, Eva Peron and 17 De Octubre. I was a Vicker’s apprentice electrician and worked on all three of these ships during the course of serving my time, almost 70 years ago.

When the ship’s bathrooms were being fitted, in addition to the usual bath, hand basin and WC, we young lads had to fit another piece of porcelain, which we thought was for washing ones feet as we were unaware there was such a thing as a bidet. However, we were advised of the true use by a young French student visiting Vickers, who explained that it was not for washing feet but, as he termed it, “les organs d’amour”. Reg Nicholl Rainham.

As a youngster I use to watch the above vessels pass through the locks into the Royal Docks at North Woolwich and vividly remember the Deck Officers on these ships wearing pale blue uniforms. I know the national colours of Argentina are pale blue and white but they use to look more like air force officers.

Roger Monk