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Where's Jimmy?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jimmy McFadden?

Jimmy joined Island Princess in 1977 - my last ship - as a fairly new A/E/O. We were on Decks one night & the resident Mexican Accordion player (can't think of his name) was doing his stuff for the punters when Jimmy stated to us that he could do a better job than that & promptly went up to one of the Ent's Officers & had a word, then came back to our little group of gob-smacked engineers. After the Mex Entertainer finished his latest rendition, he told the audience that one of "our illustrious Officers" wanted to have a crack at his Accordion (one of those electric things that you don't have to really squeeze!). Quick as a flash, up jumps Jimmy, with us pleading for him to come back and straps on the Mex's instrument. What happened next was amazing - Jimmy rattled off a load of Scottish tunes & dirges, without a single bum note, and had the punters on their feet cheering him on and really getting into it! Those yanks loved a good Scottish reel! The poor old Mex tried to tweak the various settings on his accordion, but Jimmy knew his stuff and with a bit of a glare carried on for 10-15 mins without a break. The punters loved him.

Jimmy proved to be so popular that he was given a regular spot several evening on each cruise after that & we and the punters loved it. I think the Mex soon realised Jimmy was a much better player than he was and soon warmed to him.

I think there's a photo of Jimmy in the "Canberra Groups - Wardroom" photo. Jimmy is standing in front of Peter Boyle & John Jameson to the right of the photo. He has long blonde hair, holding his glass in his hand.

Anybody know of his whereabouts? I left the Sea soon after that and often wondered if Jimmy was still entertaining somewhere!

Regards to you all,

Bunny Warren

Re: Where's Jimmy?

He is probably still in Mazatlan where Bert and I left him after he wrecked the speedboat when he grounded it...1978