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Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

I was a lecky at sea from 1969 to 1975 and had such a good time that I never thought about the future or how I might remember those days, so I never took any photos. I wish now I had. Fortunately, I met Eveline Maas, a WAP, on Oriana in 1973. She was keen on recording the places she visited and the people she met during her time on Orsova and Oriana. She took a lot of slides and photos which I have recently digitised, and Steve has posted them on this site as Eveline's Memories. See the earlier post with that title. If you were around in those days, these photos might jog your memories and might even prompt you to dig out your old photos and post them on this site, or you might get Steve to do it for you.

Come on. Show us what you've got.

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Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

I have great memories of the Orsova, wish it could have gone on for ever. The Orsova was blessed with great 2nd Engineers...Fitzpatrick, Derek Weaver (who died in 1981)& Bruce Waller, they made life a damn sight easier than most. I have fond memories of Evelyn, Jon Booth, Santi & a host of others. Some romances have lasted up to now even, well emails, facebook & the odd phone call. I'm still in touch with a few engineers, Santi, Landeryou,Brian Dobson & a few more off the Arcadia. Our days at sea were probably the best!

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Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

A lovely collection of photos, Greg. I always thought Orsova one of, if not the, most handsome ship in the immediate post-war P&O-Orient fleet and it is great to see so many "personal" pictures of her.

Also agree whole-heartedly with your remarks about Bruce Waller. What a thoroughly nice chap he was (is!) - he was Chief Engineer in Canberra in 1989 when I first sailed as CETO and had to get used to all kinds of unfamiliar areas of the ship (originally, I was a Radio Officer) and Bruce made life so much easier for me.

I was very pleased to be able to return the compliment some years later when, sailing in Arcadia (III) around 2001, Bruce was onboard as a consultant during a refit. He needed various power supplies fed around the machinery spaces for the project he was working on and, naturally, he received my top priority for service!

Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

Just sitting on the balcony of our apartment in Funchal (with my wife who I met on Himalaya Aussie cruising in 1972) and looked through this great collection.
Funchal was my first passenger ship port of call on Oronsay in Dec 1969 as 4R/O. Onboard as a WAP in various of you photos you refer to as Sue? WAP. She is Susie Armstrong, was married to Graham Burton. Don't know what or where she is now. I remember she always seemed to end up in the Junior Officers PDR (private dining room) sitting next to Sheldon Ainsworth debating the inequalities of being a female officer, he normally stirring the pot!

Orsova Voy48 - Three fellow officers pic
The guy in green shirt with the goatee is Tony Chadwick. He went onto the West Coast and became an Alaska pilot. Sailed with him on Arcadia in the 70's then didn't see him again till 2016 Southampton reunion lunch. Small world though, my wife was watching an old Columbo some years ago, it was filmed on the old PP or SP with Patrick McNee as Captain when Chadwick as 2/O walked over and said here's the latest position Sir. Chadwick now lives in USA but came back for a friends 40th WA last year. Where did his friend live? 500 yards from our house on Mersea Island and in the same yacht club!

Orsova HK Mar 72
Three officers in blues, the one looking at the camera is Tony Dyson, probably 2nd or 1st RO at the time.

The older we get the more we enjoy nostalgia. The Southampton annual lunch does sweep us all back to the 60/70 era - privileged times.


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Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

Thank you Robert. Sue Armstrong, yes I remember now, and Graham Burton too.


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Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

Female officers and Junior AP perform the Can-Can.

I was the JAP in the Can-Can picture. The girl on my lap was Hostess called Suzie she had previously been a Black and White Minstral dancer.
As far as l remember the girl on the left was Maggie hostess, Then Eve of course, Gill SWAP, one of the Nurses, Then I think the next was Janice WAP and finally Annette Moore WAP who l sailed with many times.

This was the time when l became known as the dancing purser.

Eve's pictures brought back many memories of the South Pacific thank you for sharing them.

Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

David since it's important to remember as many shipmates as possible from those wonderful days I believe, but cannot be absolutely certain,the nursing sister in the can-can photo is Maggie Barlow, a lovely lady now so sadly no longer with us.
The pics in EVE'S memories of the Hawkesbury River frolics are especially evocative, as I later went on to captain a small cruise ship, the LADY HAWKESBURY, on that river, a job I held for five years before taking her North to the Barrier Reef.Wonderful Jobs.

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Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

Hi Mike

I wish I'd known that you were on the Hawkesbury. I live at Bilgola Plateau & had my boat on Pittwater.

I would have liked to have met up with you.

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Re: Orsova and Oriana in the 70s

Hi Mike.
Thanks for your comments, when I look at some of these old photo's l remember the people but not always the names. However l am pretty certain that Maggie Barlow is not on the Can Can picture. I sailed with Maggie on Oriana and again on Island/Pacific Princess. I am so sorry to hear that she is not with us any more, we had some great times together.

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