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Will Trade Snow For Sun

Howdy All

Yep still alive Can't believe it myself.

Lot's of close Calls Racing Moto-Cross. Raced Moutain Bike while I lived in Oregon. Had some bad Crashs. The best was Bombing down a mountain in Bend Oregon. Crashed in a Snow Drift left over from winter. Was Doing 67 mph lost control hit the bank flipped over the bars flew 12 feet in the air landed around 48 feet from where my bike stopped and came to a stop about 200 feet away. Bet you didn't know you can get the same kinds of burns from Ice. Anyways just bruise's and a concution and a broken helment. Made the News that nite. Best crash I ever had more news at 11 m. Never turned pro was really close but never made it. Cash talks and well if you can't afford to travel to the big race's it's hard to do. I stopped racing at the age 30.

Doc said no more if you want to walk.

Any how I moved to Michigan and winter is never going to end this year Will trade snow for sun.