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Re: findidng my birth mother


I attended Fairview schools when I was in elementary --the 1950's. Have you possibly checked records in the Oklahoma Court

System in Oklahoma City? Were you adopted? There was at one time

an adoption home on Pennsylvania Avenue called Holme's Home of

Redeeming Love---I think the Free Methodist Church ran this home and a hospital called Grace Hospital. It was a home for unwed mothers where children were given up for adoption.

A very good private detective firm can probably find this information for you with all resources available now. Do you know

the true date of your birth and where you were born? Are your

adopted family helping you?

Also, another such place is the Edna Gladney Home in Ft. Worth, Texas---a very well known home, has operated for many years !

Also, close to Oklahoma.

Good Luck with your search.

Mary Margaret

Re: findidng my birth mother

HI, I don't know if this is who you are looking for but I remember when I was in Middle school that Lance Helms older brother had gotten a young girl pregnant. I cant remember her name as I had just moved here, but I would contact Judy Bell (lances mom)

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Replying to:

I was born October 17, 1982, in Fairview. My understanding is that my birth mom was 14 at the time(maybe a class mate at one time)and I was wondering if anyone remembers her, or her name. It might have been Gray, and her father may have had a wheat farm.

Please help me find her!!!