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first timer....need a sponser

Hi, this is my very first time with this twelve step thing. I have tried everything else and have failed, so I figured this couldnt hurt. Problem is I dont know what I am doing, where to find meetings or when, how to find a sponser, I dont even know what this big book thing is i see on the page. If someone is willing to help a person out I sure would appreciate it. Thanks. Missy

Re: first timer....need a sponser

Hello Missy,
I was horrified to see what looks like an unanswered email requesting a sponsor.
If that is the case I am so sorry, some sort of oversight or technical malfunction. If you are still looking for a sponsor I would be happy to help. I am maintaining over 100lb weight loss and have been in the program for 28 yrs. I also maintain a reasonable state of peace and grace while dealing with anxiety, depression, ADD a very busy family life and my own business.

Please know you are not alone - it just feels that way, especially with tech trouble interfering! There is a solution.

May your day be free of food compulsion and full of self compassion.
Nancy A-D

Are you a member of TRG? I used to be think maybe my email changed since i was on

Re: first timer....need a sponser

Yeah, I would love to have someone to talk to. I have been trying to lose weight food such a long time. I am now trying to g thru the bariatric surgery but my addiction is becoming a problem. I look forward to any advice or help you can give me