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I'm in the UK and most of the meeting times at fall in the wee small hours for me. So I was hopeful when I saw there's a meeting on Sundays at 8 am ET, making it 1pm here for me. I'm in the meeting room and there's no-one there... Please can you help?

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Re: Meetings

Hi Alison! The meeting on Sunday is at 8 PM EST. I do see on our website that it says 8 AM ET and I apologize for that but thank you for bringing that to our attention. I will get that corrected :) We have added a few more meetings during the week so I hope that you can find something that you possibly could attend.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Re: Meetings

Hi Alison,

I too am from the UK and 3am for a meeting is a little difficult unfortunately isn't it, did you manage to find a meeting or on-line forum elsewhere?

Many Thanks

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Re: Meetings

Dear Alison and Sheryl,

My name is Mari and I am a Trusted Servant of The Recovery Group. Thank you for alerting us that there needs to be some corrections in our meeting schedule. And thank you, Brandi, for taking good care of our message board.

We have meetings at 10:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and at 10:00 AM on Tuesday morning. Would this one work for our U.K. members.

If any of you would like to host a meeting, we could really use your service. Please write to me at I'd love to "meet" you.

I have checked our meetings page at and see that everything is scheduled correctly except our Tuesday meeting at 10:00 in the morning that we just started this week.

Many thanks for writing.

In loving service,
The Recovery Group

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Re: Meetings

Hi Mari,

I would be more than happy to host, the best time for me would be 8.30pm (GMT) in the evening.

I have only just started with the program though so wouldn't know what to do, if this is something you could explain and you are happy with a newbie hosting I am more happy :-)


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Re: Meetings

Hi - yes I've been going to online meetings at


Re: Meetings

Hi Mari

Something is going wrong - this Forum is not being monitored - can you help please?

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