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Coming here to stop myself from eating more tonight

I have decided to go to an OA meeting and they dont' have one until next Monday near me so I thought I would check this site out I was in some room where I don't think I was suppose to talk?? ONe person just kept IM'ing one line at a time

Re: Coming here to stop myself from eating more tonight

Dear lv2lose,

Welcome home!! I'm glad you found us.
Sounds like you were in a TRG online meeting. Often, people type short sentences when sharing because it makes it easier for others to follow, and that way we know they're still "talking", and haven't had any computer issues.

TRG has meetings every 3 hours, around the clock all week, and there is often general OA chat going on in between meetings as well. For more information about our meetings, please visit us here:

I hope to see you there soon.

P.S. This Saturday, December 25th there will be an all day marathon, guaranteeing that somebody will be available to chat in the room throught the day (and night).