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New to the site

Hi there my name is Fi and I am new to the site. I have for decades struggled with overeating. I read a list of symptoms of an overeater and ticked all of them. I am not unfamiliar with the 12 steps for I am in AA and have been sober for 22 yrs. Eating is my way of coping with reality. It is also a means of coping with my emotions, for I have always been overly sensitive. I am not sure whether that is because I have suffered a lot of trauma from my childhood or whether that is just me and my make up. I have been aware for some time of my eating and how it has affected my life. Aside from the obvious weight gain that I cannot seem to lose, I am also diabetic, I suffer from chronic back problems and other health issues that all relate back to my eating. I never overcame my sweet tooth when I got sober and love lollies + desserts. Yum yum.I think I am ready to reveal my underlying issues and associated emotions that have kept me this way.
Anyhow I hope to learn more from you good people and this site.


Re: New to the site

Dear Fiona,
Welcome to OA, welcome home :-)
I'm glad you found us. The Recovery Group (TRG) has many online sharing forums (loops) that you can join and hear about others sharing in their experiences, strength and hope in the OA program. To see the various sharing loops, click here: (look for the links to "loops")

You also might want to join TRG's newcomer orientation, beginning on the first day of each calendar month. To join, just send a blank email to:

TRG also runs online meetings every three hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the clock, around the world. Meeting times are 12,3,6 and 9 AM and PM EST (that's Eastern Standard Time in the US). Note, though, that the US will be changing their clocks this week for daylight saving, so you should probably check your local time difference.

To join our online meetings, just click here:

Where is says "Guest" you can change it to any nickname that you like. If for some reason the chat window does not open, let me know directly and I'll try and help you with your computer settings.

Hope to see you there soon.

Re: New to the site

Hi. I'm new to OA ,my therapist suggested I contact you.I am a vegetarian [for the animals]with a HUGE sweet tooth !I lost 150 lbs 2009-10,but now I've regained 50.I.m so angry at myself ! My meals & snacks are good.Once it turns dark????WATCH OUT!!! I know better but sugar is my new addiction.Already let go of smoking,drugs,alcohol,sex and meat,so why can't I let go of the sugar before I gain the rest [100lbs] back? I don't drive so I'm hoping this can help.

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