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Fist time on OA

Hello to all the brave and caring people that took the time and had the courage to post and join OA. I have been battling with weight ans self esteem issues snce I was 5 years old. I have always been the "big girl" but the funny one, you know the one that rolls with the jokes, fast comebacks but deep down feels "less than" the next person. Endurimg a divorce now has only added to my stress and eating has been both a comfort and a crutch. food is always there, just a walk to the fridge,a drive to the store or food establishment always there unlike the people we shared our love, intimacy and secrets with that all to quickly turn away from us and look to alienate, hurt, belittle and destroy us. Yes, good friends are there but at times they just don't understand what we are feeling and that sometimes we can't put them into words. Deep down I know that food and the choiced I've made haven't been good ones- or I would be a 135 pound 5'11" beauty... I am here at OA because I need to save my own life. No one can do it but me and I need the guidance, help and direction. Deep down I know I want to be happier and healthier and hope I will gain the tools that OA can elp teach me. The weight loss and increased self esteen are 2 things I miss from my life more than anything. Here's hoping the long jourbey ahead is a road to health and wellness for me...

Re: Fist time on OA

Welcome to OA! Welcome home :-)
I'm glad that you found us and have started your journey of recovery.
The Recovery Group (TRG) has many online resources that can help with your recovery - you're always welcome