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Need a sponsor

I am just returning to OA after 12 years. Attended my first online meeting today. I have spent this weekend thinking...I have spent the last 15 months successfully eating healthy/clean, no bingeing, losing weight, getting in shape. Then last saturday, I decided to celebrate..with food, with a trigger food. This week has been a VERY bad week. I realize this is bigger than me...I need help and it's time to admit my powerlessness in the face of this addiction. I want to work this as soon as time better than the present. I was wondering if there is a willing soul to be my sponsor? I will be starting my inventory this evening. I have prayed to God for his help for years...but I think it's time for a different approach to my relationship with God, with myself, with others....because what I'm doing isn't working in total and never will unless I work this program. Please, anyone willing to give me the time, I would be forever grateful.

Re: Need a sponsor

Hi Vigil,
Welcome home :-)
For information about TRG's sponsor program, including finding information about available sponsors, please visit this page:

Re: Need a sponsor

There are more people needing than available. I hope that I find one soon. The meetings are great, but having a sponsor is so much better.

Renee :-)