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I'm new and need help.

My name is Shauna and I have an eating addiction.I am 31yrs old a single mom of two beautiful kids and I feel every alone!
My dad recently got life in prision,my mom doesn't want anything to do with me,my kids dad left us when I was 3mon. pregnant and never looked back that was eight yrs ago,I failed in college and right now I don't like me but I put on a smile every day and pretend to be happy! I'm tired of me!I call out to GOD every day but its as though he's not even listening to me!

Re: I'm new and need help.

Hi Shauna,
I'm glad you finally got around to reaching out. I feel your pain like only a fellow sufferer can feel it. I know your desperation.
OA has an answer, if we're willing to be completely honest and be willing to take certain actions.
For now, the best thing is to just keep coming back until the miracle happens to you too.

Re: I'm new and need help.

Hi Shauna,
You are not alone. Keep reaching out and things will get better. We aren't meant to walk this path alone, we need the fellowship of the program to help and guide us. This program really works and miracles really do happen everyday.

Re: I'm new and need help.

I agree with the other posts. There is so much support with all of these friends on the boards and in the meetings and the loops. Keep coming back and reaching out. People are friendly and will answer all of your questions. Start with some online meetings to get comfortable and go from there. You can stay after the meetings and ask questions and chat with people.

Re: I'm new and need help.

Hi Shauna,
I am grateful that you are reaching out. Rather than doing what your disease wants most and isolating, you are asking for help. It sounds like you acknowledge that you have a problem. I understand the loneliness you feel very well. I joined OA almost a year ago and cannot believe the support and unconditional love I have experienced in the walls of OA.

How about you? Have you found an OA group near you? Are you working the steps? Have you found a sponsor? I advise you to do those things. The steps really work. Sometimes the growth is painful, but it is always worth it and an act of discovery.

Please email me anytime! Keep reaching out and never lose hope!