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Hi, my name is Adriana. I am done with my compulsive eating. Each day it get worse. Why can't I stop. I have 7 years recovery but i can't stop eating.

Re: done

I know how you're feeling. I had some great abstinence, and relapsed, and am now abstinent again.
I once heard in OA "It takes what it takes, until it's taken". For each of us, it takes different tools at different times, together with working the steps. It's a progressive disease, and what may have worked for me in the past might not work for me today.
Some of us can keep their recovery by making 1 phone call a day, and go to 1 meeting a week, and read 1 page from the AABB. Others (like me) need more.
It's not something I have any control over. If I am to remain abstinent today, I just have to keep doing and doing. OA is a program of action.
Just for today.

Re: done

I have just came to OA, would love to learn more about it though. such as books, pamplets, anything to help me lose. Not sure how to go about that. Wish I could go to a meeting, but I don't know of any that is close to my area. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Re: done

HI, I was reading your post. I am new to OA also. I looked on the website and it has listings of Face to face meetings in my area. It is where I started, then I came across this meeting type. I am going to focus on working the steps and see if that is my help, and as for guidance from my HP (God) Take care, Keep trying!!!