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Binge Eating Disorder?? This is all new to me, someone help!!

So I don't really know where to start. I have a best friend who moved away & became annorexic & we were talking about eating & her recovery from annorexia nervosa. She's been the only person I can really talk to about food & weight issues but her problems are quite different from mine. When I told her about my late night binge the other night & how I had kept it a secret from everyone, she suggested I might have Binge Eating Disorder. I got curious so I started looking it up on the iternet. I'm not an obese person but I do have issues with my weight. When I came accross Overeaters Anonymous & did the questionaire, I answered only 2 of the 15 questions with a no. I'm now really worried about having a real disorder but I don't know what to do about it. I live in a small town & all of my fiends are skinnier than me & healthy. I feel like a freak. I just need someone to help me out.. please.

Re: Binge Eating Disorder?? This is all new to me, someone help!!

You are just like me :-)
One of the greatest things about OA is the feeling that we're no longer alone. Feeling like a freak, or feeling different is something we all go through, but we find a loving fellowship within the walls of OA. Welcome home (((Stephanie))) - I'm glad you found us.
I suffer from compulsive overeating, and so I call myself a COE (Compuslive OverEater). I suppose you could call it a disorder, although it took me many years to admit that I had a problem. It was almost a relief to know that my problem has a name, but even more of a relief to learn that it's not hopeless. There is a lot I can do to put the disease/disorder at bay.
This is were the OA program of 12 Steps and 12 Traditions comes into play. The OA program helps us deal with the "why" we eat, rather than the "what" we eat. By doing this, I have found that my desire to binge and eat compulsively is reduced to almost zero.
Where to start? Well it starts today. You can come to our online meetings, or read some of our recovery writings, or join a sharing loop online. You might want to try our newcomers orientation program which starts on the first day of every month, lasting for about 4 weeks. All the info can be found on our website:
Yours in recovery,