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Need someone to contact me from TRG Admin re SLFA


I need someone to contact me from TRG Admin regarding the SEXANDLOVEADDICTION (SLFA) List.

I co-coordinated this list since February 2005 but had to take some time off the list because I have changed to a different program of recovery than the OA way in terms of my food addiction recovery. As SLFA is an OA supported list, I wasn't sure what to do….I've also gone back to school full-time (now part-time).

I am willing to stay Co-Coordinator of the list because I'm still working the SLAA program and another 12 step program for food, but I could only share about my OA recovery from the standpoint that I am following a different "plan of abstinence". I don't feel the list is an appropriate location to discuss anything that isn't officially "OA" related. (I believe it's also in the 12 traditions if I remember correctly).

I'm not sure if I can remain Co-Coordinator as a "former OA member" given the SLAA/other 12 step recovery program piece I'm following, if not, I'll be happy to help with training/transition.

Many thanks,

SLFA Co-Coordinator

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