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despondent hungry tired

I don't sleep so I get on the pc and then I get hungry and i eat, drink and play games till I can't see anymore I take sleeping pills that don't work total detachment works but then i am isolating

Are you a member of TRG? i think so

Re: despondent hungry tired

You are not alone. I have also experienced this many times before. I've been in OA for over 9 years, and 3 years in TRG. I do my best to work the program one day at a time, but there are still days that I stay up late.
A big part of the 12 step program is accepting myself 100% for who I am, warts and all, and turning my life over to a Higher Power. From there, I can turn over my character defects to HP and pray to have them removed. I can't do this myself - god knows I've tried, so now I'm trying something different - using the 12 Steps.
As I said above, I'm not succeeding with this 100%, but I have many many good days with regards to sleep, that I didn't have before coming in to program. Progress not perfection - one day at a time.
Keep coming back,