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Can't log into meetings

Hi. I haven't been able to log into meetings for the last few days. I use the same link as usual. It's like the star chat has shut down or something. I tried to download the mirc thing but can't figure out to use it. Please help. These meetings are a big part of my recovery. Thank you.

Re: Can't log into meetings

Hi N,
Starchat definitely hasn't shut down. Sounds like it might be a Java issue on your computer.
For the mIRC to work, you have to set it up properly with the right server information. Try updating your JAVA on your computer and see if that helps.

Re: Can't log into meetings

thank you for the response. I've tried updating java and i still can't log in. I even tried logging in from my home computer instead of my lap top and I can't. Trying to go to starchat through the google search link and even that won't work. Do you know how to set up the mirc? I can't find the link to the instructions that I seen before. Thank you.

Re: Can't log into meetings

I have also been unable to log on to meetings the last two days. Also, I am getting error messages when I try to access some of the links. There must be problems with the site. It's very frustrating.

Re: Can't log into meetings

Thank you, David. I had Java disabled - problem solved!

Re: Can't log into meetings


Firstly, the only link you should be using is this one:

If this is indeed the link you're using, and you're still receiving error messages, please let me know the message you're receiving.

If you were using a different link, please let me know.

Please let me know how you get on.

Re: Can't log into meetings

Thanks for responding David. The only link I use is the one one this page, and I click the Recovery Meeting button.
The message I get is "404 Not Found" on the tab and then

"The requested document was not found on this server.

Web Server at" is what is on the page.

Now when I used the link you provided I got a message that said "Problem loading page" on the tab and

"The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web."

I can't figure it out. A few weeks ago the button I used to use on the Recovery Page stop working, but then I tried the button that said "doorway two" and I was able to log in but the page set up was different. Now I can't get in at all. Oh and I tried turning off my firewalls but I still couldn't log in. Thank you for helping me.

Re: Can't log into meetings

Hello: I have had the exact same problem logging in when I press on the blue online meeting door on the trg site which is the door I used previously and it worked. I copied and pasted the message I received below. Just happened tonight. Thanks so much in advance for your help. nan


The requested document was not found on this server.


Web Server at

Re: Can't log into meetings

In the 3 plus years I've been using the TRG OA recovery online meeting rooms I've never had any access problems. This morning I was unsuccessful and experienced all of what other users posted above. I finally found my way to this forum and was relieved to see I'm not the only one having access problems.

I did use the link that David suggested in this thread and it works and I was able to access the online meeting room again:

Could you please make sure that the button for the online meetings works again from the TRG main page at When clicking on the button on the left side of the page titled "The Recovery Meetings - Twelve Step Meetings Online" it takes you to the "404 Not Found" system response.

This is the link I've had bookmarked and used for the past 3+ years to access the TRG OA Recovery online meeting room that no longer works this morning:

I'm not sure what has happened but I'm afraid we are going to lose a lot of people in the online meeting rooms if that button isn't fixed. Or make an announcement on the main TRG page advising that the new URL for the online meeting room is: instead of

I did send an email to this morning advising I was having problems accessing the online meeting and here is the response I got:

MTGADM: confirmation required (4E24E1A2)
9:13 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
To cut down on spam, the MTGADM list has been configured to request positive
confirmation of messages posted from email addresses not currently subscribed
to the list. You must now confirm that the enclosed message did originate from
you. To do so, simply reply to the present message and type "OK" (without the
quotes) in the text of your message, or click on the link below. If this does
not work, or if the message did not originate from you, then contact the list
owner for assistance.
To APPROVE the message:

I did take the action specified in the TRG MTGADM response.

I'm VERY grateful to have found the TRG OA Recovery online meetings in 2010 as a HUGE part of my recovery from COE has occurred in the TRG online meeting rooms.


Re: Can't log into meetings

Dear all,

Due to recent edicts by Overeaters Anonymous Inc., The Recovery Group took the decision to remove itself from its online meetings.

The meetings that take place in #OARecovery and "grew up" in The Recovery Group were "set free" so to speak and now run on their own steam, but still in the same room. Some of the meetings are registered with OA, and others are not, but they are all 12 step online meetings for compulsive eaters, run by the same leaders who used to run them when they were officially part of TRG.

So, as part of these changes, TRG are updating their meetings pages, but in order to protect the integrity of the meetings, they can no longer be associated with TRG, due to TRG's non real-time of our sharing loops.

Please keep coming to meetings, they still take place every 3 hours, around the clock, around the world, just put this link into your browser bookmarks:

Hope to see you there soon.

Re: Can't log into meetings

David: Thank-you for your quick response and help. I will try the link in your message to the star-chat room.

Re: Can't log into meetings

Thanks so much for your efforts. Still unable to connect, but I'm going to accept it and continue to do the next right thing. Maybe it's just time for me to seek out a f2f meeting. Although the online one's were so convenient. Loved them so much!! Thanks for everything. : )

Re: Can't log into meetings

Just an update.
So as a last ditch effort I attempted to try getting into the room from my phone and although I can't get into the room, the star chat site I can get on. So I can actually log onto star chat and see the active rooms etc. And yet I still can't do that from either of my computers (lap top or desk top). Would anyone happen to know why that is?

Re: Can't log into meetings

Hi. I don't blame you for being frustrated at not being able to access your meetings. If you are a newcomer, we invite you to attend our Newcomer's Program and you can subscribe to it by sending a blank email to:

Here's are some easy ways to get to meetings .... all kinds of online meetings. You'll find links and doorways everywhere. And bear in mind that most of the times on the schedules are Eastern Time.




Daily every three hours daily beginning noon
To Subscribe to the #OARecovery meeting schedule, send a blank email to:

There are also meetings held in the #12Step4Coes meeting room and lots of other places. Most of these are listed on the OA website.

Hope this has helped. If not, write me at

In loving service,

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Re: Can't log into meetings

hi all,

I have been trying to log into an online meeting for days. The links take me to a smiley face appelete screen and then nothing. Can someone please help? Do I need to be a TRG member? If so, how?


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Re: Can't log into meetings

Java changed their security settings a few months ago which have caused some problems with some users. Below are some instructions we received from Starchat (the website that hosts our meetings).
Of course, you do not have to be a member of TRG or any organization to join the online meetings. In fact the meetings in #OARecovery are no longer part of TRG. Here are the instructions:

The best solution that I can offer at this time is to go to Start, Programs, Click on Java

In the drop down menu, click on Configure Java. Click on the Securty tab: Where it says Excepion Site List, click on Edit Site List and type - Be sure to click on OK

The java console is also located in the Control Panel of your computer.

You will be allowed to run javachat after the usual prompts. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but the newest update makes this necessary. There is nothing else we can do about this.

A much better option is to download StarPirch or StarmIRC from our site.

Kind Regards,
StarChat Net Administrator

Let me know how you get on,
TRG Message Board Coordinator

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Re: Can't log into meetings

Just followed your instructions David and finally got to log in... an hour and a 1/4 late for a meeting... Thank you though.

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Re: Can't log into meetings

Joolz - glad to hear that you finally made it. Next time you try it should be smoother sailing as hopefully your computer will remember your settings.
All the best,

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Re: Can't log into meetings

I keep getting a message with each server it tries saying

unable to connect to server
connection close

Is there a way to fix this?


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Re: Can't log into meetings

Did you scroll up and see the instructions for dealing with Java on your computer?
What device are you using?