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I desperately need a sponsor

Hi - I am returning to OA, and this time I have decided I need to start again at the Newcomers group. I desperately need a sponsor. It's no use emailing to because you get something that asks you to confirm that you have sent the email and then you get nothing more even after repeat emails. So I would be really really grateful if someone would be willing to sponsor me. - Jill

Are you a member of TRG? Yes I am in the Newcomers group although I am returning to OA

Re: I desperately need a sponsor

Hi Jill,
David here, COE.
I've always found that the best way to find a sponsor was to go to meetings, whether they were face-to-face or online meetings, then finding someone there who had want I wanted, then i asked them to sponsor me.
Good luck,

Re: I desperately need a sponsor

I will sponsor you. Email me

Are you a member of TRG? yes

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