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Hi would like to post someone my foodplan please,I live in UK

I am in relapse and desperately trying to get out of it, and into recovery. I know sending a food plan to someone will help me get back on track. Live in Wales and would if possible someone that I can send my F/P, that lives in UK or no more then a couple of hours in another timezone, the reason is so I can get feedback on my foodplan quicker, I was sending it months ago to a lovely lady an OA member here, but she is 5 hours behind in time, East coast USA, and any amendments suggested on f/p plan would much later in day,sorry a quick message, but have to go to work soon, and just so glad I have made 1 move to recovery right now,
thank you for reading this,


Re: Hi would like to post someone my foodplan please,I live in UK

I live in Stoke on Trent in England and you can email your food plan to me if you want to and I will reply. I am in and out a lot and look at my messages throughout the day so I would be able to get back to you. Sorry to hear about the relapse. Look after yourself you deserve it.

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