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Where to go from here?

I'm posting this in a concern as where it is that i am supposed to go next. Recently i have been struggling with my concern for relationships and the healthiness of them and who it is that I'm placing myself around. I do know that i am codependent. Can anyone on here give me suggestions as to where to go next to really start touching on that aspect of my life and somewhere to go where others are trying to accomplish the same thing for influence. Recovery, self-improvement, and growth, have all become my passion and what i have noticed is that is not so much the case in the people I'm around right now in recovery which has aroused some feelings of disconnect and inadequacy. I currently go to AA on a regular basis. I accomplished getting a year sober, so continuing to go to AA is a must for me, but what else can i ad in to help my recovery? Look forward to others insights and suggestions. Thank you.