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Help Newbie Alert!

I am trying to get help with my COE and overcome it. I lost 30lbs and weighed 149lbs in June of 2013, however it was from binge eating and purging I was able to lose the weight. It is now February and I have gained 50lbs of it back, since I have stopped purging. I need help. None of my old clothes fit, I was so confident when I was that weight. I'm lost and I need help. I need a mentor someone to email or text when I am having the urge to give in. I can start a diet for a week, and then will quit it and give in. I used to be able to start diets longer if I had to fit into something and I had a deadline to meet. Now I've lost all motivation, and want to go back to being healthy again without having to purge. Please help, I really need support and guidance.

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Re: Help Newbie Alert!

Hello Jenni, I'm very sorry to hear about what you're going through. I know how tough it is. Do you have access to any online meetings or in-person meetings? Are you willing to work the steps? If you need a meeting online, here is a link to find one.

Take care,

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Re: Help Newbie Alert!

Hi Jennie, My name is Verna. I have been where you are. I am a compulsive overeater. Before coming to Overeaters Anonymous 2 months and 11 days ago, I was struggling much more than I am now. I to had gone on many diets, lose and gain that same hundred lbs a thousand times it seemed. I would have binge days and those same days purge. I have learned that I have a disease just like the alcholic. My substance was food. I became willing to turn my life over to the care of God as I understood him. I have starting working the 12 steps of overeaters anonymous and am doing a fearless and searching moral inventory of my life. I have got a sponsor to talk with, I attend 12 step meeting, I have a food plan that is exempt of certain foods that are trigger foods. I plan my meals,and eat at the table with no TV or reading. Just sitting and eating a weighed and measured meal. I eat nutrious meals 4 Z protein; 1 C. veggies , 1 c. dairy,1 fruit or 1 c. friut then 4 hrs after breakfast I eat lunc consisting of 4 oz. protein, 1 c. veggies the 5 hrs later my dinner of 4 oz. protein, 1 cup salad, 1 c. cooked veggie and 1c. starchy vegtable then 2-4 hrs later depending on how late it is after dinner I have a metabolic meal of 1 c. plain yogurt and 1 fruit. nothing inbetween meals and no processed foods or fastfood or flou,sugar or wheat. I am not on a "diet" I am living life. The weight is just a symptom. It will and is going away. But the weight of my defects of character and the weight of trying to do this by my own will power is being lifted as well. I hope sharing my experience strength and hope will be of help and are not alone. I will think of you and pray,please do the same for me.Verna

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