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TRG OA Recovery Starchat Online Meetings

Hi I participated in the 6 AM EST online meeting yesterday morning and just tried to log in to the 9 AM EST online meeting but am unable to access it. The starchat screen is trying to come up but just remains a white box and no "welcome from Botsy" script appearing nor do the listing of other meeting attendees populate to the right of the box. Have these meetings been discontinued?

Re: TRG OA Recovery Starchat Online Meetings

I have been trying for over two weeks now and only get an error message with the white box. I used to be able to access the room with no problem. I have no idea what has changed.

Re: TRG OA Recovery Starchat Online Meetings

Online meetings for compulsive eaters are still held in #OARecovery( every 3 hours. Over a year ago now, these meetings became "independent" and are not longer an official part of TRG, actually many of them are registered on the OA website (
But what has really changed is JAVA's operating system. The best way around it is to download some free chat software from the starchat website ( like starmirc.
The other alternative is to try doing the following:

"Go to Start, Programs, Click on Java.

In the drop down menu, click on Configure Java. Click on the Security tab: Where it says Exception Site List, click on Edit Site List and type - Be sure to click on OK

The java console is also located in the Control Panel of your computer.

You will be allowed to run javachat after the usual prompts. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but the newest update makes this necessary. There is nothing else we can do about this."

I hope this helps.
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