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New Needed to share

I am New to the program again. Resisted coming back after many years

I felt alot of shame and my pride and ego
took over and I couldn't escspe
Not sure if this topic is ok
for the forums I really needed
a place to share some of the pain

i have been feeling by not

giving up the food
It is ruining my life

and I choose to

surrender my bondage

to food
by coming back
to program


Re: New Needed to share

Welcome home, (((Meghan)))
For me, nobody can understand my pain like another compulsive overeater. My pain is their pain. And my triumphs are their triumphs. Because working this amazing program of recovery, I/we can achieve the recovery as appears in the Step 9 promises.
But it is a process. I can only take one day at a time, doing what I can for today, and turn over the results to my Higher Power. For today, I can read some recovery readings or join an online loop (, I can call my sponsor and go to a meeting. I can write a POE (plan of eating) and make a POA (plan of action) and simply make a start in the right direction.
If you're new or still suffering from compulsive eating, and you still haven't found the recovery that you're looking for, we suggest that you keep coming back until you do find it.

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Re: New Needed to share

like you, my pride and sham(plus allot of weight gain, has kept me from returning to meetings. I can't face all those who saw me when and in recovery now that I have been in the food again for almost a year, and gained my weight back. I hope this online group will provide support. we can support each other. hang in there. we're in this together...again pam

Re: New Needed to share

Thanks for sharing, Pam.

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