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Feeling Isolated alone

I have done so many shameful things in this disease I have kept alot of these feelings inside to myself and Iam not sure what the best way to handle them is. I have always been dubbed the girl with baggage and problems and everyone has just really pushed me away because i guess they don't get it

Re: Feeling Isolated alone

I have found that the best way to handle my character defects is in an orderly way(?) by working the 12 steps. As much as I may want all my defects to be taken away from me tomorrow, I realise that it is a process, and I have to learn to crawl before I can walk.
I am powerless over my disease and my life has become unmanageable. I have come to believe that a power greater than me can restore me to sanity, and I have chosen to turn my life over to that power.
ODAT (One Day At a Time)

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