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Hi!! This is Juanito P. Salarda the youngest Son of Alijandro Alcober Salarda and Irene Penero Salarda from Leyte. And i am presently base in KSA since 1984 with me is my beloved wife Lourdes Doronila Salarda and have the only child name Loudy Jean D. Salarda 11 years Old .
This are the Name of my Bro. & Sist.
Aurora P. Salarda
Rogelio P. Salarda
Cecilia P. Salarda
Orlando P. Salarda
Eduardo P. Salarda
and me
Juanito P. Salarda

Thanks to your great effort in bringing us together so as to know each other in regards to our Family.. May the "Almighty Father" in heaven will shower his blessing upon each and everyone in " Jesus" name.

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