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Zenith Jet Sizes

Dear Friends,

Could anyone please advise on the correct jet sizes in the Zenith 23A carb.

My carb looks like this:


According to one article I have seen on this forum, the compensating jet should be a 50 whereas mine is labelled 60. What difference would this make to the running of the 7?

Where could I buy new jets should I need them?



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Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

I am not familiar with the Zenith 23A - can you post a photo of the whole carb please?

The standard Zenith 26VA has main Jet size 57 and Comp. Jet size 50.

Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

Standard jet sizes are as follows.
Choke tube-17
Main Jet-57
compensating jet-50
slow-running jet 60
capacity tube-2
progression jet-100.

the compensating jet has an effect on low speed acceleration- I'm not sure what impact a larger one would have on it's own, if any

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Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

Apologies everyone. I see that the photo didn't appear on my post. Also the carb is a 26VA - my mistake!!

 photo CD2E2DB4-4C8F-435F-BF05-06BE26E3BB51_zpsynixmwxv.jpg

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Re: Zenith Jet Sizes


zenithcarb.co.uk state: " Compensating Jet too Large: will cause sluggish acceleration and woolly running at low speed.".

Hope this helps.

Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

Matt: Try Gower and Lee for Zenith jets, a google search will find them

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Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

I'm waiting for gower and Lee to come back from hols.
does anyone else stock jet variants for the 26VA and VM carbs (which are the same sizing)

I'd like to find main jets of 65 and 60, and comp jets of 55 and 50.

I've got some larger ones (100,90 main) if anyone wants a swap...

Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

We can supply JETS any size for ZENITH 26 VA CARB

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Re: Zenith Jet Sizes

Matt, I have PM'd you. Willie is a good source of Zenith jets etc.

Ian Mc.

Location: Shropshire