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Supercharged inlet manifold

 photo inlet-manifold2_zpsb3nk2akn.jpg

I am currently beginning my crank mounted blower project and was wondering if anyone knows where to get an adapted inlet manifold like in the picture?

Kind regards


Location: Finchingfield (Essex)

Re: Supercharged inlet manifold

Hmmm, we're also busy with a blown motor, driving a small Roots triple lobe rotor blower off the crank, so we're also going to need one of these....if they are available, if not, then I'll make one.

Does anyone know where to source a suitable pop-off valve ??


Location: Port Elizabeth; Sunny South Africa

Re: Supercharged inlet manifold

 photo P1010055.jpg
Manifold as top right,Have some blow off valves left too.

Re: Supercharged inlet manifold

Without wanting to dampen sales of Dave's blower parts its worth noting that the value of the original manifold is the way it curves around a blower in the "original" position. If you are running the blower in a different position from the original Cozette then you have other fabrication options.


Re: Supercharged inlet manifold

Sorry for an exceptionally late reply, could you please email me the prices of the inlet manifold and a blow off valve?

Location: Essex

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