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GPS Speedometer

I want to fit a GPS speedometer in one of my cars. There are lots of units advertised online, ranging from about £15 to a couple of hundred for something that looks like a proper dial speedo. I am at the £15 end of scale...

Has anyone got something similar to this unit they could recommend - preferably sourced from the UK?

 photo speedo_zpseiyrfrhq.jpg

Location: North Herts

Re: GPS Speedometer

what about an app on your phone? - free...

Re: GPS Speedometer

Yes Jon, I have that, but in this particular case I want something permanently mounted in the car.

Location: North Herts

Re: GPS Speedometer

I have had have an iNeibo Universal HUD in my Kia for 18 months or so, it's great. Easy to read, quick reaction, cost me £10 or so off eBay.

Things to watch out for: It drops out in tunnels and forests, but soon comes back. Also, hard to read in direct sun light. I've got round that by sticking a square of card board behind it on the wind screen,


Location: Rhos on Sea

Re: GPS Speedometer

I'm not sure how effective a head up display will be on an Austin Seven, but.....maybe! Not a fast jet is it!
You can get a bicycle electronic speedo on "Bangood" delivered for £2.76!Cheap %cheerful, but well rated by users! A bit small & maybe tricky to mount (no handlebars!)but for that price worth a punt. I bought a pair of nine very bright LED bike rear lights for my RK from Bangood (mounted them on a broom handle on the no plate frame....the new broom handle cost as much as the lights!)Held on with a bungee, works well.
You can get very distracted on the site, there are bits of kit you cannot believe! Most of them seem to work too!

Location: Stratford upon Avon

Re: GPS Speedometer

Thanks for suggestions so far. I shall not be using it as a HUD. Only as a direct view.

Location: North Herts

Re: GPS Speedometer

I have purchased a unit very similar to the one I showed in the opening of this thread.

Around £20 with free P&P from China, it arrived just a few days after ordering.

It is dead easy to use and seems to do the job very well indeed. Providing it keeps working I would certainly recommend it. It does not have batteries so you do need a 5.5v USB supply.


Location: North Herts