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OF 2805 - 1929 Chummy

A near neighbour of mine here in Dunchurch went on her honeymoon in this car. She & her husband were hoping to celebrate their Diamond wedding later this year but he sadly passed away last Thursday (a week ago). One thing that would have added to their day would have been to be reunited with their old car, but now that is not going to be possible, it would be nice if the car could be at his funeral. She & her husband had been looking for it for 16 months, never realising that the person she needed to ask was literally round the corner.

The car is a 1929 Chummy, light blue, but it has a 3-piece bonnet and a pram-hood. The old lady has some photos of when they owned it, also she knows of another of the previous owners. I would be very grateful if the current owner could get it touch with me, as it would mean so much to her.