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throughout the year i find myself looking at alot of cars for sale. auctions, ebay etc.

i noticed the word EVOCATION on the end of cars coming up more and more often.

it seams to mean REPLICA

can anyone shine any light on this, and whats wrong with calling a replica car a replica.


Location: huncote on the pig

Re: evocation

I think it means a replica built by someone who couldn't be a***d to make a historically accurate one.

Location: Herefordshire, with an "E" not a "T".

Re: evocation

Price. Evocation is a more posh form of replica so is more expensive. Probably....


Location: Upton upon Severn

Re: evocation

Yup, that would be my interpretation, too! Evocation = 'In the style of' i.e. not an exact copy.
Mind you, Replica means an exact copy made by the same hands; Copy means ... copy!

edit: I'm responding to Martin's comments, not Roly's!

Re: evocation

' the act of bringing or recalling a memory' so presumably you feel your replica is just like the real thing. Must add lots of £ s to the price

Location: Bristol

Re: evocation

Mrs google suggests that as well as the act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind, which doesn't seem to indicate a very solid construction it could also be-

the action of invoking a spirit or deity.
"the evocation of wandering spirits"

which is even more ephemeral.

All sounds a bit of a w*nk to me.

Cheers, Tony.

Location: Melbourne. Victoria, Australia.

Re: evocation

Hi Tony P

I think you are on the right track with the wandering bit..the stock Sevens I have driven certainly did.

Next time any visitor viewing my oddments espies a broken crank, mangled axle, or shattered crankcase and asks what it is I will say it is "an evocation".

I find open cars of any sort evocative. Of the hideous din of surrounding motorway traffic and the terrifying experience of giant truck wheels a metre or so away, with not even a window separating.

Location: Auckland, NZ

Re: evocation

Every so often people have to come up with new words to build the "cachet". I remember decades ago, when I first heard the word, "provenance" applied to a car. I said, "Oh you mean who used to own it";-). The phrasing and other words are also useful when writing ads. "Presumed", "said to have", "assumed to be", "believed". There's always an oral history which can sometimes be confirmed and sometimes not. This reminds me of the Cambridge Special which recently appeared that had apparently been driven at Brooklands by Herbert Austin at 100 mph. A remarkable achievement for a car that would go that fast.

Location: Sunny Seattle

Re: evocation

I'm waiting for a "continuation evocation " to come forward as the ultimate bullsh1t car.
No history, no accuracy but someone bought the rights to the name of the original builder and is trying to make a bob or two.

Re: evocation

Talk about grumpy old men!

Location: Suffolk

Re: evocation

This is all to do with the gentle art of advertising, distracting the attention of the victim long enough to empty his wallet...

Location: Ripon

Re: evocation

" ...consider ourselves the specialist choice for all your previously cherished car..." quoted from a Honda garage.

I noticed a while back the Honda was using 'previously cherished'.

I await the advent of a 'previously cherished evocation of a Civic...'

On this basis many an Austin could be described as 'comprehensively abused'.

Re: evocation

"... one careful lady owner ..." (and twenty three inconsiderate male owners)

Re: evocation

readers in Australia will recall KEVIN DENNIS never sold a USED car, he advised us he only sold PRE-OWNED cars. He did his own TV ads and took elecution lessons to upmarket his accent, sort of botox to the voice box ! cheers Russell

Location: oz

Re: evocation

Just gentrifying the sale of an old banger or at least someone's idea of one.

Location: Rokeby, Victoria, Australia

Re: evocation

Thanks guys.

It is what I thought then. Another expensive word.

To give you all a giggle, whe I first started to notice the word evocation it seemed to be something to do with E types, then I noticed a few XK120 evocation. My stoopidity thought there was a company called evocation making new "replica" jags.

Buy no, recently it seems to be on everything.


Location: Huncote on the pig

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