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Accelerator link on Ulster/special


I am building a special using a Rod Yates LWB body. I am trying to understand where to fit the accelerator connection on the engine side across to the carb.
Would anyone be able to send a photo of their Ulster/special accelerator shaft? A photo from both sides would help me mount it correctly.
I don't have one so either need to buy one or get the mounting brackets and a plain steel rod if anyone has any ideas where to find them?


Location: Surrey

Re: Accelerator link on Ulster/special

I used a standard RP type of pedal and cross-shaft, but I mounted it at the bottom of the vertical part of the bulkhead. On the RP it is mounted at the top of the slope of the footboard. As a result of this I had to bend the pedal arm and make the hole in the floor to suit. I am very happy with the resulting position of the pad, and others who have driven the car have never commented adversely. I warmed the arm to a pale red glow and it bent without problems. I will try to send a picture tomorrow.

Location: Just north of Cambridge

Re: Accelerator link on Ulster/special

I'd advise anyone building an ulster to buy or borrow a copy of Chris Gould's book,Lots of info and ideas to create an accurate car.
Have you tried Tony Betts for a s/h pedal assembly to mod to fit.

Location: Channel Islands

Re: Accelerator link on Ulster/special

Hi Paul
I've just completed my Rod Yates bodied LWB special. Tons of photos on my website!

Look in the "Body" gallery photos 59 - 62 which I think will show how I fitted mine. The link bellow should take you directly to the gallery!album-5

You are more than welcome to pop round (I'm in Horsham so possibly not too far from you in Surrey?) and have a look if you want!


Location: Horsham, West Sussex

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