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Re: differential pricing in our favour...

I've jus bought one of the cheap A7 variants - it seemed a very good price! I recently had one of the usual modern coils fail after very little use, so thought I would try one of these. It will be hidden away so the orange colour is nt a problem......
Ashley Vincent

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Re: differential pricing in our favour...

hi jonE,

im sure many will apreciate something cheap.

personally id be careful advertising what others are selling.

watching fake britton when i sat down for a tea earlier. they were pointing out the fake lithium batteries on sale in the uk that are blowing up.

most available across the web thingy.

unless you know the seller and can garrantee what he is selling cheap.

i wouldnt want austin 7 people pointing the finger at you after there pride an joy has burst into flames from a fake or poor quality coil catching alite.

and yes its a sad world that we have to think of these things.


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Re: differential pricing in our favour...

Tony, I agree - I've no connection with them and I wasn't condoning the product... but the sole reason I posted was the strategy for selling same items to Porsche 356 owners at 4 times the cost! (and VW Beetle owners at twice)

They must know Austin 7 owners are cheapskates.

[Note the Austin ones were 7.50 when I originally posted]

Re: differential pricing in our favour...

didn't want to see you get in trouble jonE,

I see what you are saying though.

Some car owners are more clued up than others.

Not had this one for a long wile, but years ago some of the red flag Bentley owners. Knew the winkler oilers on the chummy rear axle were the same as there's.

Only I was charging £3 each at the time. And the bentley people were charging £20.

Also another I've not had for many years is rear window winders on the Ruby are the same as rolls Royce if you add a couple of inches to the Maine shaft.

Last time this one came up I was charging £5 and rolls Royce people charging £85.

A fool and his money. Tony

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Re: differential pricing in our favour...

and while we are on the subject of bargains......

Re: differential pricing in our favour...

Free postage though

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