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Seeking 1933 RP saloon OW3779

I bought this car as a rather ambitious project during the late 1980s, but sold it after not very long, having located a complete car in good condition for a reasonable sum. OW3779 was very much a kit of parts and I vaguely recall selling it to a fellow from Luton, whom I met on a local night school class for bodywork repairs.

Occasionally, over the intervening years, I have looked the number up on the DVLA website, but found nothing to confirm that it's back on the road. Today, I find that it is both taxed and insured! Great news!

Anyone on here own it, or know anything about it? I'd love to see how the restoration worked out. I even have several pictures from the time I bought it all those years ago, which I would be happy to share with the current owner.

One curious thing is that the askMID insurance lookup records it as a Nippy, leading me to wonder if it was re-bodied. We'll see, or not, as the case may be. Past experience tells me that the majority of these posts seeking the whereabouts of a vehicle very rarely turn anything up, even when a vehicle is confirmed to still actually exist. Anyone else noticed that?

Location: Hertfordshire

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