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Austin Seven Tyre Size

Hi I have a 1936 Austin Seven Opal, handbook states 400x17 tyres existing are 400x17 spare 400/425x17 and 450x17

Having trouble finding 400x17 that i like so is it ok to fit 450x17 ????

Location: Suffolk

Re: Austin Seven Tyre Size

You might find the steering a bit heavy if you do (assuming they are on the front..)

That's been my experience anyway..

Location: Cambridge

Re: Austin Seven Tyre Size

Have you seen

I have no personal experience of these, but i'm sure others on here will have their own opinion.


Re: Austin Seven Tyre Size

Longstones tyres are excellent.
If your Opal has a painted "Ruby " style rad cowl then 400.17s are the prefered and correct size.
However they also made some Opals in 1936 with the earlier chrome radiator cowl on the old high frame chassis and these cars should have 350×19 wheels and tyres.

Location: Bristol/temporarily Glenelg.

Re: Austin Seven Tyre Size

The Longstones are excellent. Have been using them for last eighteen months and have even raced on them.

Location: N. Oxfordshire

Re: Austin Seven Tyre Size

These 400x17s can be obtaind from Howard Annett at 07860 370307 or 01403 790530 with inertubes and rimtapes

Re: Austin Seven Tyre Size

I had my last Ruby for 38 years and always used 4.50-17, but finally I bought two 4.00-17 for the front. It was transformed: the steering was comfortably light compared with using the larger section tyres. If you use 4.50 on the back you raise the effective gearing slightly, which is fine, but 4.00 on the front are definitely better.

Location: just north of Cambridge