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Chummy Bonnet Sizes

I am just going over the new purchase and the bonnet does not fit, it seems not wide enough at the bottom. I do not know the history of this car and do not know if this bonnet belongs or maybe the radiator shroud is wrong.

The Radiator looks to be mounted correctly and the body's holes line up with those on the chassis. So was there different bonnets?

The car is an Australian 1929 Chummy, although the front bit will be English apart from the swage line.

Cheers, Mark

Location: Rokeby, Victoria, Australia

Re: Chummy Bonnet Sizes

Chassis can start to bend just behind the rear engine mountings, when this happens it leaves a gap not dissimilar to the one in your photos Mark.

Re: Chummy Bonnet Sizes


It is possible that if you ensure the cowl is vertical and the shaped rubber strips are fitted to the scuttle and cowl you will find that the bonnet sits correctly.


Location: Melbourne. Victoria, Australia.