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2017 Madresfield - 70th Anniversary

The year 2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of the VSCC Driving Tests held on the rear drive of Madresfield Court in Worcestershire. This was also of course in the pre-war years the venue of Sprints organised by the Worcester Motor Club at which Dobson, Hadley and Driscoll all competed in the side valve and twin-cam single seaters. The first VSCC event was in 1947 and we shall be hosting an exhibition of past events as well as one or two other special displays. We are looking for a good entry in the DTs at what will be a rather special event, so if you and your car are eligible then do please consider entering. Of course as is normal all are very welcome to attend to spectate and enjoy the traditional and unique Madresfield 'garden party' atmosphere. No spectator entry fee, but we do ask you to buy a programme, usually (and hopefully the same this year) at £3.00….. please make a note of the date……. Saturday the 10th of September……...