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Curious 1931 £9k tourer

An interesting ebay lot. Very little information on the listing and not the owner selling it, so warning bells should be ringing! However, it has a decent reg number and is, well, possessed of a certain charm.

So is this a has been film prop, or an ugly duckling waiting to show off its charms?


Location: Saumur, France

Re: Curious 1931 £9k tourer

Looks like a standard AH tourer from 1932/33 - long wheelbase, rear tank, 4-speed gearbox, instrument panel ... but the registration number dates from late 1931, so perhaps registration documents and car don't match?

Re: Curious 1931 £9k tourer

According to mycarcheck it's registered as a black saloon.
The plot thickens..

Location: Herefordshire

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