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Overfilling the steering box

OK so I have overfilled the steering box with the inevitable consequences...

I filled it with a wet 'groil' because 140 just dribbled out quite quickly.

What do I do now?

I have thought of attaching a compressor via the hole for the grease/oil nipple and trying to blow a lot of grease/oil out but fear some enormous splattering inside the car...

Re: Overfilling the steering box

I have used a large syringe (100ml, bought from boots) to remove oil from an inaccessible place in the past. I forget from which of many vehicles... you may struggle a little with groil due to the viscosity. If you can remove the grease nipple and apply suction through the hole (my syringe came with several plastic ends), with patience, wheel waggling and possibly a little heat to soften the grease... You could try pushing in diesel, waggling and sucking out, but there may be weird stuff in the diesel that will eat your bushes... someone else may advise?

Either that or buy some waterproof trousers!

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Re: Overfilling the steering box

The only other option I can think of is to loosen the steering box side plate and let it leak for a while. Obviously retighten and check adjustment before you drive the car - no offence intended!
I think this might be possible in situ.

Incidentally, I think monster syringes are available for emptying modern sumps that have no drain plug.


Re: Overfilling the steering box

Like that lovely picture of an early Gordon England Saloon with the sump being filled using a giant syringe

Cheers, Tony.

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