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Ruby radius arm repair - help please

I have just removed the radius arms from the front axle, they were not that tight, but they have obviously been off before, the pins that pass through the axles are both damaged. The NS one has had the thread sheared off flush with the front of the axle beam, this has been badly drilled and replaced by a bolt. The OS one the threads are completely stripped. My thoughts are that I should cut the pin back flush with the axle, counter drill and tap the pin and replace with a bolt. Has anyone done something similar before or have any better ideas.

I have photos but I can't see how to upload them

Re: Ruby radius arm repair - help please

Nick, my first action would be to talk to Tony Betts about the possibility of replacement radius arms in good nick. Only if these are not available would I attempt a decent repair. There isn't usually too much of a shortage of Ruby bits.

Ian Mc.

Location: Shropshire

Re: Ruby radius arm repair - help please

I recut the thread 20 years ago with 5/8th or9/16ths die nut.
Still holding together
The other side is moŕe problematic.
Tony Betts or the like I think.

Location: Wessex

Re: Ruby radius arm repair - help please

David Wilkinson Southern Sevens has a good selection of ends. Best to call in as identifying the correct side can be hard to explain when they are off of the arm. Only know because I needed one

Location: Oakley , hants