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Hot Rod/Edwardianesque special...

Ken Morton writes:

Not my cup of tea but someone may be interested. The car originated in Australia and was imported to Seattle USA in ` 1990s . He wants to sell the car and is asking ~ 10,000 US Dollars. Apart from the body it is a standard 1928 (1929?) Magneto engine car. Any chance you could put it on the forum?

Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 8:36 PM
To: Ken Morton
Subject: 1928 Austen Seven for sale


Very nice talking to you and your wife today, especially since you remember that we visited your home back in 2002! My little Austin is a fun car and always attracts a lot of attention probably since most people in the US have had no exposure to Austins and other similar small cars. My car has had the engine overhauled with new bearings and rings. The transmission also with new bearings. The clutch has been rebuilt. Kingpins replaced.

We would like to see the little car go to someone that will really appreciate it which is why I thought of BC and our delightful time in 2002 with so many Austin owners. I have added some photos of our Seven. If you need more information or you find someone that is interested, just ask.

Best regards and thank you for your help,

Don Silverman

 photo AustinRFront3-4_zpspxgnor4w.jpg

 photo AustinRight_zpssxaelmvh.jpg

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Re: Hot Rod/Edwardianesque special...

What a delightful little run-about, so nice to see a special that's not a pseudo race car. may give someone this side of the pond some inspiration. Looks similar to a "Siva Edwardian "special from the seventies which was based on a 50's Ford Popular, which was used by Jon Pertwee as Dr Who.

Location: Piddle Valley

Re: Hot Rod/Edwardianesque special...

If you are able to look back to around about 2003-05 Association Magazines there is an article on similar specials that I published, cannot find it just now but it will be there...