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Re: Body building Course

Update on spares consumed, I forgot 1 engine exhaust pipe and now 1 bottom fan pulley.
I called in to Ian Bancroft in Grantham today to see if he had copies of invoices for work done in the past on Primrose for previous owners.
I asked him what he thought of the noisy engine (we permanently wear high quality ear defenders whilst driving). Job done, rattley pulley replaced, +new fan belt. No reprieve possible however from the maggy timing gears.
The top hat has narrow suicide doors and a previous owner has installed simple safety chains to prevent the doors flying open. Here I have to admit a lapse in hooking these chains over the door handle and as a result 1 broken window pane, now replaced.
Reputation has it that these R series bodies were fragile and I can vouch for the alarming manner that the door and windscreen apertures dance together, the c.hains are a must.
Actually I'm quite pleased with the performance so far after about 1800 miles.
Sorry to hijack this forum subject, will open a new heading Austin UK Adventures
cheers Russell

Location: back in the UK in Primrose, going to guildtown !