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Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine


Have just caught up with this thread.
I will contact Doug and establish if he still has any details and maybe drawings.
Just to complete the picture, when I first met Doug he was making cranks for Jordan F1, Judd, Hart, Arrows F1, Mclaren F1, Walkinshaw Racing and all Mercedes competition engines. I still feel proud that he personally designed my 100% counterbalanced racing cranks.
As soon as I find anything out I will get back to you.



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Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

Ruairidh Dunford


You got the colour spot on!

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Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

No, I want to know if by any chance he ever made a 1.5" rather than a 1 5/16" one! i.e. to see if that story is a red herring...

The german connection seems too close not to explore with Nick's story.

Presumably someone may have the German owner name if it was in a Speedy, too.

Doug Kiddie did make a 38mm (1 1/2") 3 brg crank,his drawing or part no was DK1518 It had a 44mm centre main bearing.

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

Fabulous news.

Are you in contact with him? The question is, was it a special for some specially converted crankcase, or are we missing some vital information on a rare part that has been overlooked up till now?

i.e. could a 2 bearing pressurised 1.5"crankcase be converted to three bearing (and if so, why would one)

Nick's memory is of a case with relieved - unflat - sides, so no point questioning whether a 1.5" could spmehow fit in a straight sided 3 bearing case....

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

Peter Pearson as Tony has mentioned earlier is the one to ask,I believe they are friends.
All I remember was he had made one for a German client who was involved in other motor sport,There was a spare on the shelf and I bought it for one of my cars running a 3 brg engine.
I can't see why it wouldn't fit in a standard 3 brg case apart from line boring the centre main for appropriate shells and actually feeding it in.Building an engine,3brg with extra block studs would be really strong and smooth.
Do you want a photo ?

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

yes please!

So you are saying that a 1.5" crank WILL fit in a standard crankcase...?

We still have the issue of the German car having a relieved crankcase.

Is there any difference in 2 and 3 bearing engines that would mean that a 1.5" crank will fit a standard 3 bearing case whilst a 1.5" 2 bearing crank wont fit in a standard 2 bearing case? (i.e. why presumably why they made a different 9E crank case in the first place...)

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

 photo P1020973_1.jpg

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

Curse of photobucket! if you email it to me I'll upload it in wordpress and get it up...

You say "mag c/c"... does that mean its NOT possible in a later dynamo/distrib crankcase?

Likewise, is it possible to change a 2 bearing sports crankcase casting to fit the gubbins for a centre bearing, without extreme hassle?

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

Better photo.
No what I mean is if you can get a 1 /2" crank in a case made for a 1 1/8" then it should be possible.Lots of people had fitted 1 1/2" cranks to coil c/c's.
As an engineer I would say it's impossible ,and unnecessary to make a 3brg out of a 2 brg,I don't think I could be proved wrong.
Many have gone the opposite way boring out the 3 brg case to fit a 2 brg crank though.
If you wish email me you phone no.

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

all clear now thankyou!

Oddly, it seems some may be able to see the photo? I certainly can't!

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

It was up for a few hours Jon,Can send one via Ipad if you haven't seen it.
Waiting for daughter to come round and dump photobucket.

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

Here we go, from A I T S!

For info, Nick Turley also recently said "There were some 3 bearing 1 and a half cranked engines, we put one in the German Speedy as its engine was missing".

He's going to try and get a photo of the engine.

Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine

I have a 3 bearing pressure fed engine to sell , it came with my nippy many years ago .
The engine is stripped down , I had the crankshaft crack tested and it was fine .
aluminium sports sump with the 9 E cast into it , tulip valves but 3 vales are missing in the Block , Dante aluminium sports head , sports canshaft.
Crankcase is un drilled where the oil jets normally go .
All the bits seem to be there apart from 3 valves.
White metal looks good in the con rods and crank looks fine .
con rods are for floating pins .
Strange that they used white metal in these engines, i thought 3 bearings would have had shells.
I have kept the nippy carb , manafold and head as I am using them on my nippy.
I am looking for offers over £3000.00 for this very rare engine that must be a late nippy or speedy engine.

cant see how to attach a photo of all the parts laid out.

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Re: Pressure fed 3 bearing engine


Go to the new forum (see the red entry above) and place this post in the new 'for sale' area - very easy to post photographs in this forum !

Cheers, Tony.

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