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Re: eBay Austin Seven

Hi Alex,

We are members of the 'North Hampshire Austin Enthusiasts Group' we meet at the 'New Inn' at Heckfield on the second Monday of each month, from about 19.30.
Best Wishes, John Bennett

Location: Fleet, Hants

Re: eBay Austin Seven

Hi Alex,

I'm sure you'll have already checked this out, but just incase you haven't, here's a few background checks I've done - the DVLA have it as 'Untaxed' (in a red box) the tax having been due on 16th January 2017, suggesting it must have been taxed immediately prior to that date and therefore have a current V5c though strangely the seller doesn't seem to mention that important fact - worth asking if he has the V5c in his name, if not I'd be a bit suspicious.

The 'Untaxed' (in a red box) suggests the current owner who claims to have bought the car 5 months ago has failed either to re-tax it or SORN it as he is legally obliged to do even though it's tax free - a frequent mistake many people make. Date of first registration is given as January 2003 - this is probably the date when it's original registration DOF 563 was reclaimed from the DVLA.

The registration DOF 563 doesn't feature on the A7CA Chassis Register - suggesting the car has never previously been owned by an A7CA affiliate Austin Seven Club member.

The registration DOF 563 was issued by Birmingham between May and June 1937 - if you are going to view the car or contact the seller ask what the chassis number given in the V5c is - as a very rough guide chassis numbers (i.e chassis build dates) in mid March 1937 were around 267000's and by early July 1937 had reached 275000's.

Which ever way you decide, whether to bid or not, the very best of luck.


Location: Almost but not quite, the far North East of England

Re: eBay Austin Seven

Jeff, Tony, Derek, John, Jon, Ben and David,

Thank you for all the information, help and advice over the past few days, it's all very much appreciated.

I think instead of rushing straight into a purchase I will go to a few meets, first starting with NHAEG on Mon 14 Aug.

I appreciate the Opal on EBay is not in showroom condition but at present I'm just looking for a mechanically sound 7 as a starting point. If any of you do know of anything suitable then don't hesitate to message!

Hopefully may meet some of you soon.

Kindest regards,


Location: Aldershot

Re: eBay Austin Seven

Hey Al
You sound like a wise person, I would strongly suggest that you get someone who knows their sevens to go and look with you at any potential cars.
As already earlier said an honest scruffy car is a nice start.

All the best with your quest.

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Re: eBay Austin Seven

Hi Al
I'm far from an expert but if I can help in any way I have a 1934 box saloon and also live in Aldershot (well within 200 yds!)
Regards Richard

Location: Ash/Aldershot