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mounting radiator on frame of my 1927 Austin 7

Hi friends: I need help on mounting my radiator on my 1927 Austin 7 frame. Don't know if I am missing some parts, but I want to run my car with out the body on it. How can I mount the radiator? Pete Kneedler in California

Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

Re: mounting radiator on frame of my 1927 Austin 7

Pete - first you need the 1/8" thick brackets or legs (two required) that attach to the inside of the radiator shell and support the core. If you don't have these, be careful you get the correct ones for a '27 when buying, as there are three distinct differences in the short-radiator periods. Usually the shell is held by the side splash valances (flitch plates) that run forward from the scuttle/bulkhead. But you may not need these latter for a bare frame, as those panels are held fast in two "cows horns" brackets that bolt onto the nosepiece of the frame and the panels support the shell. You should be able to adapt the cows horns (without the panels) direct to your shell with spacers, but it may require drilling holes in the shell that you won't want later when completing the car. Good Luck - if not explained well, keep asking. Cheers, Bill

Location: Euroa, Australia