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Re: Sand blast and enamelling wheels

May be a bit too far for you, but can strongly recommend Redditch Shotblasting http://www.redditchshotblasting.co.uk/directions/


Re: Sand blast and enamelling wheels

Jeff Taylor

John Sutton of Camco Solutions, Unit 18, Greenwich Centre Business Park, 53 Norman Road, SE10 9QF may be able to give advice on someone nearer to you in the Greater London area. His number was: 020 8293 0256.


hi jeff,

it may be a bit further than you think to john suttons.

last time i spoke to him, he had retired to florida.

he may still own the unit in london though.


Location: huncote on the pig

Re: Sand blast and enamelling wheels

Maybe, but look at the date Tony, I posted that comment back in 2013 ! - I believe John Sutton may still have been in business back in 2013, but having not heard mention of him for many years I presumed he'd retired by now and obviously has - Florida eh - nice.

The latest poster 'Mark from Herefordshire' has merely revived a very old post - he's looking for recommendations to grit blast and enamel his wheels in the Herefordshire / Gloucestershire areas for less than £60 per wheel.


Location: Almost but not quite, the far North East of England

Re: Sand blast and enamelling wheels

No probs Jeff,

Being self employed dates are just a blur to me.

I think it was 2 years ago, I bought John's spares stock out.

There were a lot of tonage to carry down a flight of stairs.

I know it took three trips with the van and trailor.

Good luck to him in the sun.


Location: Huncote on the pig

Re: Sand blast and enamelling wheels

Sorry for the confusion, I revived it partially to highlight that some of the above suggestions were no longer available, specifically Les Gammon's but yes, John Sutton too, save others looking through old posts and finding the same issues. Secondly I was hoping for more up to date recommendations if anyone had them, I'm happy to try places between Bristol and Birmingham so I'll ring Redditch on Monday. Any more suggestions appreciated.

Location: Herefordshire