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Re: eBay Austin Seven

Jeff, Tony, Derek, John, Jon, Ben and David,

Thank you for all the information, help and advice over the past few days, it's all very much appreciated.

I think instead of rushing straight into a purchase I will go to a few meets, first starting with NHAEG on Mon 14 Aug.

I appreciate the Opal on EBay is not in showroom condition but at present I'm just looking for a mechanically sound 7 as a starting point. If any of you do know of anything suitable then don't hesitate to message!

Hopefully may meet some of you soon.

Kindest regards,


Location: Aldershot

Re: eBay Austin Seven

Hey Al
You sound like a wise person, I would strongly suggest that you get someone who knows their sevens to go and look with you at any potential cars.
As already earlier said an honest scruffy car is a nice start.

All the best with your quest.

Location: The Centre of the Universe

Re: eBay Austin Seven

Hi Al
I'm far from an expert but if I can help in any way I have a 1934 box saloon and also live in Aldershot (well within 200 yds!)
Regards Richard

Location: Ash/Aldershot