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Re: Flying Sevens

Thanks David. I have benefitted from the Forum's help far more than I deserve since I first got the car in 2009. This is the biggest job I have had to do and a number of problems have cropped up beyond my limited knowledge, skill and resources, hence the frustration! Thanks for the encouragement. I have been contacted directly as a result of this posting so now have a couple of avenues to explore.

In addition, and most importantly with regard to the subject heading, Flying Sevens have been in touch and provided me with further information. They are a newly established business but with a wealth of experience working on Austin Sevens over a considerable number of years. Examples of their work can be found through ebay, item 253033951534. They have kindly invited me to come and visit.

I would be mortified if my initial enquiry harms their fledgling business and would urge the opposite reaction - such a business deserves every encouragement it can get and I hope this message is received in a positive light. I will most certainly take up their invitation to visit.

Now I've had time to assess the problems with the car, I can see the first stumbling block before the rest can be addressed is the exhaust system. I will open a separate post for this!

Location: Doncaster

Re: Flying Sevens

We're working with Flying Sevens on a project at the moment and although the business is a new one, Mike and Christian have a huge amount of skill and experience behind them.

Location: Herefordshire, with an "E" not a "T".

Re: Flying Sevens

Agree with previous comment. I popped in to see http://www.flyingsevens.co.uk regarding my Austin 7 Special and came away impressed. They had an eclectic mix of cars in the workshop (Ruby, Chummy, Ulster etc), with a number of engines, gearboxes and chassis being worked on as well. Mike is 'old school' and an Austin 7 encyclopaedia, whilst Christian (his Grandson) served an apprenticeship at http://www.thornleykelham.com. Will be delivering my car to them soon.

Location: Lincolnshire