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front suspension

I recently purchased an A7 special,Joined the club, did all the research before I bought and still managed to buy a heap!!let my heart rule my head .Oh well I wanted a retirement project and certainly got one, still not to worry I like fettling and am enjoying the challenge. So to the point of my enquiry one of many to follow I think:-
The front suspension set up seems unlike any thing else I have seen on any A7 or even metioned anywhere, it has two springs of three leaves each one upper and one lower each sandwiched by plates on the ends but no axle and the shock absorber goes right across the front 30" wide and bolted to the end plates via alloy links Is this a recognised set up and usable it seems to ride OK!
The car is correctly registered as a 1934 Austin Seven Sports car but has no chassis Number visible anywhere in all the usual places, the dif. casting has a 1937 stamp but this of course could have been changed at some time.The registered chassis number was given to it by DVLA and is not an Austin 7 number IF I change the engine how can easy is it to change the engine number with DVLA and what evidence if any do they require of new engine.
how can you tell if an engine is 2 or 3 bearing without dismantling it ? engine No. is M188375
Hope someone can help me on these queries,there may be many more!!
Many Thanks
Clive Underwood

Location: Stevenage

Re: front suspension

I can't answer your suspension questions, but you can tell if it a 3 or 2 bearing by looking at the carb.side of the engine, in the crankcase towards the top and in the centre of the crankcase if there is a brass nut it's a 3 bearing.Mind you, you usually can tell a 3 bearing by the rumble from the centre main!.

Re: front suspension

From your description it sounds like your front suspension is a "Bowdenex" setup. There were/are a fair few specials so fitted.

Change of engine number should be straightforward with DVLA. They should not need any evidence (receipt etc.) for an engine change on a vehicle in the historic tax class.

Emailed you re. one other issue you raised.

Location: N W Kent

Re: front suspension

Hi Clive,

As to your engine (crankcase) number M 188375 it dates to the end of December 1933 and is therefore a 2 bearing crank. Three bearing crank started at engine number 249052.

There's information on IFS (independent front suspension) systems on the Speedex site below - the first illustration of a red Bowden IFS with twin springs would appear similar to the set up you describe. The article includes a source for the Ford 10 track rod ends that yours may have.



Location: Almost but not quite, the far North East of England

Re: front suspension

Many thanks for your reply's
the front suspension does appear to be a Bowden set up but with an Austin 7 shock absorber with extended arms instead of telescopic shocks.
Many Thanks